Boolean Operators – Learn To Code Series – Video #3

This is the video #3 in my new series exclusively for Youtube called Learn to Code.

The series is designed to teach you the basics of programming from scratch. I am going to take you on a tour of the history of computers, and start not only with the basics but with detailed explanations of how the computer works under the hood.

This isn’t a hardware course, but you will learn about binary, machine code, and how circuits and gates all work together.

Eventually, we will delve into higher-level languages including Java, Python, C++, and Kotlin and by the end of the series you will be in a good position to move to another programming course and have a good basic knowledge of how computers work under the hood, and more importantly how the computer runs the code you create.

As mentioned, this is video #3 – We are going to learn about Boolean Operators. They are fundamental for an understanding of Gates, Circuits and Switches which we will be exploring in video 4. But Boolean Operations are used a lot in programming as well.

By the end of these video you will understand what the AND, the OR, the XOR (Exclusive or) and the NOT operators are all about.

I hope you enjoy the video!